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Newkirk Productions is a small "in the box" studio setting dedicated to the artist.  The studio is acknowledged and praised by clients for the way in which music is created as a result of the relationship between the producer and the artist.  Here at Newkirk Productions, if it sounds right - it is right, and we move forward.  The goal of the studio is to produce the best sounding music for the artist at a fraction of the cost of a traditional studio. Whether you are a singer-songwriter who has a song and a drive but just needs the rest of the pieces to put it all together, or you've got everything in place and ready to lay down the next hit; Newkirk Productions has your back.



Dan Newkirk




Starlight Secret

Sean Guy

Nathan James and the Scarlet Thread


Will Fairbanks


Parker Louis


Permanent Record

Zachary Newkirk

Kid Major


Patrick OMasters

Flea Band Nation


Moe Reed





Dan Newkirk is one I can definitely call a friend.  Been like that for about 4 years now.  One thing I should mention before I express my thoughts and feeling about working with this guy is that once upon a time, Newkirk and I had a conversation that involved music production.  I saw the gift in him.  His dreams and aspirations were in other places then as they are now, but this time the vision was made clear to him.  I am proud of the classics we have created together and to look back into the times of old until now is amazing how far he has come.  And though I knew it all along and being the type of person that loves to tell folk "I told you so"; Newkirk, I told you so! Lol but I had no hand in what you have become.  I'm just happy to be a witness.  Proud of you homie. Freedom.

- Lance

Dan Newkirk is truly a gifted individual.  I've been in many different recording situations and I can honestly say that I am blessed to have found this one.  He is reliable, and dedicated to producing the best product possible.  The studio atmosphere is comfortable as well as inviting.  The way Dan works with artists is very unique.  He lets you be yourself and doesn't force his opinions on you.  I love working with him and I'm stoked for what we will create together.

- Will Fairbanks